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Hello. We’re PK&A e-Business Law, a specialised exclusively on technology, internet & digital media law agency located in Athens, Greece.

In E-Business Law we share the pioneering spirit of our technology led corporate clients. We see all work in an “e” and business light. We denounce Divisions and we celebrate Uniqueness. We embrace Innovation. We believe in fast yet safe Growth.

We take our position as e-business law experts seriously. We follow technology trends, stand at new legislations’ footsteps, lobby competent law authorities and law making bodies. We study, take part in global conferences and we constantly update our expertise to make sure we remain at the top. We develop lasting business relationships based on results.

Our mission is to protect our clients’ business interests online and offline. To achieve this, we have accumulated rich experience in Corporate and Technology Commercial Law, working for the last 15 years with businesses who value our innovative legal approach, our legal expertise and our passion for uncovering hidden opportunities for them.

Find out more about what we do best & how we can protect your business objectives, check out the legal services we specialise in or select the industry that interests you.

We Know e-Business

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Hands on Experience in e-Business Law

It takes a lot to be one of the most trusted agencies on the market. Read more below to learn why clients from all around the world, stay with us and keep coming back  for new projects and business initiatives.

e-Assertively Business

We are experts in e-Business law because we know corporate law in the first place. Whether we fit in with established corporate legal teams or take on the whole corporate account, for us it is all about Business Efficiency online and offline.

Nothing slips
through the Net

The online business environment is vast, multidimensional and truly challenging. To be able to guarantee legal piece of mind for e-Business ventures, knowledge and expertise are not enough. On top of that, a firm should be vigilant, observant and aware at all times. We are just that.

Internet Law
EU & beyond

We cover all legal aspects of doing business online across the European Union, guaranteeing our clients piece of mind through our expert knowledge of EU Internet Law requirements and governance.

Strategic Partners
& Risk Managers

We are not acting as outsiders. We feel your partner that strives to protect your business goals and interests. We listen your needs, understand your objectives, notify your deficits and provide you with actionable insights that enable strategic and business wise decision-making. We bring business intelligence after all.

Compact Team –
Solid Results

In e-Business Law we created an innovative Firm out of a traditional Division. We work specifically with the IT, Technology and e-Business industry therefore we need an agile, focused, specialist team who knows the business, has strong technical backgrounds and delivers results that add value to our clients’ plans. Our research is fast and nimble following today’s business trends.

Innovative Legal Practice – Thought Leadership

We implement best legal practice quickly to bring the legal function up to speed. Tailor made legal counseling that is successfully implemented, is as important as creativity to innovation. We take up a lobbying role to change or influence legislation, regulation or industry approaches as we promote greater diversity in the e- legal sector.

Oh, & We Love to Share our Opinion on Hot & Trending Issues

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